What is an area of cultural and historic value?

A residential area of cultural and environmental value is in legislative sense an area determined by a plan where specific planning and building regulations are set connected with the area’s historical and cultural peculiarities and the need to preserve them. A residential area of cultural and environmental value, according to the Planning Act, is equal to a built-up area of cultural and environmental value.


An area of cultural and environmental value is an essentially clearly and specifically different cultural environment, which includes the residential areas created and designed by humans. Such areas encompass both cultural and historical as well as social values and their preservation is important from both the cultural point of view and that of national and local identity. As for residential management, right and proper preservation and sustainable development of residential areas of cultural and environmental value is necessary for ensuring the quality and variety as well as long-lasting and reasonable use of housing stock (Elvisto 2008).
Best examples of cultural and environmental values
Tallinn: projektijuht Jaanus Hallik
Tallinn: projektijuht Jaanus Hallik
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